The Lake Meridian Tri is proud to partner with the largest, most comprehensive nonprofit organization in the United States focused on ending Duchenne muscular dystrophy-Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).

Duchenne is a fatal genetic disorder that slowly robs young men of their muscle strength.    As the athletes prepare for the triathlons, they'll have the opportunity to support PPMD's efforts to help those with Duchenne live stronger, longer lives by making donations at the time of registration or collecting donations through personal fundraising pages.   

The Lake Meridian Tri will also be donating a portion of all race entries to PPMD.    

To learn more about PPMD's powerful & inspiring athletic community of supporters, RUN FOR OUR SONS, Click Here

To create your own fundraising page, Click Here

Sure it's hard to beat the orange snow fencing and laminated numbers, but upon closer inspection, It's the Medical Tent.   It took a few years to come up with this concept, but we've done it now for our  last 3 races and it's a GREAT change from the typical  detached First Aid Station.

Why did we  put the aid tent in transition?  More than a few times at our races we've seen athletes in medical after their finish with an issue that was minor when it began and not-as-minor at the finish.  If we had been able to offer a bandage, help retrieve an inhaler, apply a sling, or remove a little embedded gravel earlier in the race, it would have made for a better, safer, or more comfortable finish line experience.  

As athletes  enter the transition area from the swim, you'll easily see the medical tent on the left with a big red + on the side of it.   Most often you'll find Val Newell  or Michelle Murphy inside (see right) .    They keep an  eye on you as you come and go anyhow and can quickly address  any minor issues while you're still competing in the race.  They might approach you and ask if you need some help - or you could seek them out, of course.    They'll quickly assess and discuss what your options are and work with you to get you across the finish line.

All the staff and  volunteers  at Raise the Bar   keep your finish line experience as the  big priority on race day.  Our Medical staff and location is a powerful tool to that end.   Val and Michelle are experienced athletes - just like many of you - and they know how important finishing is. They'll be making sure you get across the line safely and in one piece. (or a few pieces professionally patched together if necessary).  And  while we hope you don't have the occasion to warrant their expertise on race day, please remember they're close by...and they're watching you.
Val Newell
Fellow triathlete with over 20 years of emergency and trauma nursing experience. Has worked as a trauma, burn trauma and pediatric trauma ICU nurse at Harborview Medical Center since 1988. ACLS , ENPC, and ATCN certified. 
Family board certified ARNP sub specialty in sports medicine and preventive cardiology.  She was as an orthopedic trauma nurse in a previous life and currently runs an independent family medicine practice with focus on prevention and wellness. 
Find Michelle at 
Murphy Health & Wellness
253 200 2144