There are Changes to the Run Course Aid Stations!   Now a total of 2 on the Sprint & Super Sprint  Course and  5 on the Olympic Course.    Visit the Run Course Page to get familiar.  Be ready for the first one  immediately after you exit T2 - not at the boat launch!.
The Official Charity Partner for the Lake Meridian Tri is Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.  All proceeds from the pancake breakfast will go to them.  Athletes and volunteers eat free!   Buy your family breakfast at the finish line and you'll be helping some great kids and their families . 
You think racing is exciting - try parking!
The suspense of parking at the Lake Meridian Triathlon continues.  The local business community has been generous to offer up some slots very close to the park.    Please give those some consideration.  The lots at the lake itself fill up by 5:40AM.  If you're arriving after that  time - plan to go park somewhere else!
There's a helpful parking map HERE.
Athlete or spectator drop-off will be available in the main lot until close to race time, and the boat launch parking lot will be  available for drop-off pick-up all morning. It's  just really hard to drive around after the race starts.
Plan ahead - you'll do fine! 
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Few Slots Remain.  

39 slots remain.  At the current rate, they will likely be gone by Wednesday morning.   Sign up already!!

In celebration of the tremendous increase in sign-ups and a certain sell-out race, we have added sausage to the breakfast menu!!  
(Non-meaters...our apologies.  Look away)

The current water temperature is :   WETSUIT LEGAL