Between the fall indoor spins and rainy runs , next summer's triathletes are perusing the 2015 triathlon race calendars and formulating their diabolical season plans.   Many of you are looking to get faster and set PR's...and wanting proof of that progress next year.

If this applies to you, fine forward-thinking triathlete,  we'd like to bring your attention to the  fact that for the first time there are two identical Lake Meridian triathlons next year on June 21 and August 23.  Sprint, Super Sprint, and Olympic distances on both weekends.  And at risk of making this sound like a pitch to have you enter our race twice....we suggest you enter our race twice.   

This bookend racing phenomenon isn't unprecedented in Western Washington triathlon history.  Some of you remember the Cascade Edge/Black Diamond combo in Enumclaw.    How about the June/August combos at Lake Sammamish? Or the Triple Threat Triathlon series June/July/August?  GREAT races all of them.   It appears that the Lake Meridian Triathlon bookends might be the only combo on the PNW season calendar next year that will let you deliver the same one-two punch and test your progress.  We hope you'll come!

The Lake Meridian Tri dates are June 21 & August 23, and registration is up and running.