Well, you are a bunch of triathletes, so it didn't come as a surprise that the bike given away on August 12th will be a Cannondale Road Bike!   

In our survey asking athletes what you'd prefer to win on race day, 65% of you voted for the road bike, so road bike it shall be.  It is interesting to us, however, that 35% of you can see beyond skinny tires and aero profiles and entertain the idea of getting out onto rougher terrain. Good for you!           Maybe...just maybe....there's a way to work a mountain bike into the mix someday.

We're noticing that you and your friends are  registering for this 11th running of the Lake Meridian Triathlon and we're excited to see you in a few months.    
Don't forget to check out RTB's newest event - the Eastside Triathlon on July 9th. It will have the same RTB Event feel in another beautiful, triathlon- and family-friendly venue. 
The Black Diamond Triathlon will round out our Tris this year.

Happy Training!

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Since 2014, Raise the Bar has produced a June Lake Meridian Triathlon in addition to our August race.  In 2017 we're going back to only one - this year on August 12.  The development of RTB's Eastside Triathlon prompted the change in our calendar.   Producing the new race at Lake Sammamish is a big undertaking, and not one that we're choosing to do without easing up the throttle  elsewhere.
The August LMT athletes can expect  the same distances and experiences  they've had since 2010.  The City of Kent's Lake Meridian Park  is a perfect venue for this race, voted the #1 triathlon in the Northwest again in 2016.  You'll find error-proof course markings, numerous aid stations, national sponsor presence,   prolific prize giveaways,   a big shiny medal and hot breakfast at the finish line.  The park has a huge kids play area and many places for your families and spectators to set up camp overlooking the race and watch the action.

Competitors enjoy professional event production with outstanding athlete service thanks to the athlete/volunteer  ratio of 5:1 - among the lowest in multisport.
The Lake Meridian Tri has a cap of 600 combined individual and relay entrants - the cap put in place to keep the congestion  at a safe level on the swim and bike courses.  The race has sold out in 3 of the last 4 years and we anticipate with the closure of the June race that it will sell out again.    Athletes who are certain they are coming are encouraged to register early.
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RTB Events is looking forward to celebrating Dads at the June 18th Lake Meridian Triathlon.  Athlete and Spectator Dads can look forward to some special raffle prizes, race day tattoos, and Father's Day shenanigans.

Do you have a Dad you'd like to embarrass...er.. ..honor at the LMT?  Fill out the form below and we'll include him in a special Father's Day blog closer to race day.

See you at the June LMT!  Register for the race HERE!

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We're  excited to announce  that the Lake Meridian Triathlon was voted the best tri in the Pacific Northwest for a 4th year.   The event owners, managers, and directors at Raise the Bar (RTB) are hard at work to make the sure 2016 events live up to that reputation.  

If you haven't done the LMT, we'd be very glad to have you.  The race is designed to be a great fit for both beginner and experienced athletes.  The volunteer support, professional production, and finish line  experience are unlike any other local tri - and the prize giveaways are ridiculous.  
(Maybe that's why we're #1!!)

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The award-winning Lake Meridian Triathlons will happen for the first time on two Saturdays  in the summer of 2016.  

June 18
The first race lands on Father's Day Weekend again this year, giving dads and families a fun start to the  weekend or allowing athletes to sneak in a race before the family festivities get underway.

August 13
Normally a week or two later, the 2016 August race date has moved up  largely because Ironman Coeur d'Alene, a favorite race for long-course triathletes, moved into the typical LMT slot.   Many Raise the Bar Team members participate or support this race, which also prompted our move. 

This is the 7th season for the Lake Meridian Triathlons - races which have become popular favorites among Pacific Northwest Triathletes.  Last year's

Olympic winner, Evan Pardi, from Yachats, Oregon told us, "
This was my first Lake Meridian Triathlon and it certainly won't be my last. Clear swim, gorgeous rolling rural Washington roads on the bike, and a meandering running path through the woods have made this course a quick favorite in my books."

Not insignificant in the event experience is what happens at the end. Athletes triumphantly enter a finish line festival of loud music, cheering fans,
a big shiny medal draped around their necks, and a heaping plate of hot pancakes & sausage.   At about 10:00 the crowd assembles around the podium to applaud the winners and top-5 men and women of each age group  and a random prize giveaway of items provided by our generous sponsors including a Free Bike.

If you're a returning Lake Meridian Triathlete, we look forward to having you back. If you're coming for a first time, we look forward to serving up probably the best short-course experience you'll ever have. 

See you this summer.

Evan Pardi, Olympic Winner August 2015

There are Changes to the Run Course Aid Stations!   Now a total of 2 on the Sprint & Super Sprint  Course and  5 on the Olympic Course.    Visit the Run Course Page to get familiar.  Be ready for the first one  immediately after you exit T2 - not at the boat launch!.
The Official Charity Partner for the Lake Meridian Tri is Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.  All proceeds from the pancake breakfast will go to them.  Athletes and volunteers eat free!   Buy your family breakfast at the finish line and you'll be helping some great kids and their families . 
You think racing is exciting - try parking!
The suspense of parking at the Lake Meridian Triathlon continues.  The local business community has been generous to offer up some slots very close to the park.    Please give those some consideration.  The lots at the lake itself fill up by 5:40AM.  If you're arriving after that  time - plan to go park somewhere else!
There's a helpful parking map HERE.
Athlete or spectator drop-off will be available in the main lot until close to race time, and the boat launch parking lot will be  available for drop-off pick-up all morning. It's  just really hard to drive around after the race starts.
Plan ahead - you'll do fine! 
Click to view bigger map

Few Slots Remain.  

39 slots remain.  At the current rate, they will likely be gone by Wednesday morning.   Sign up already!!

In celebration of the tremendous increase in sign-ups and a certain sell-out race, we have added sausage to the breakfast menu!!  
(Non-meaters...our apologies.  Look away)

The current water temperature is :   WETSUIT LEGAL
All kinds of folks sacrifice and work their way to the start line of a triathlon - most of them get gratefully and triumphantly to the finish line with the expected list of challenges - balancing time, injuries, anxieties, etc.. 

The triathletes of Team Ostomy United bring an unexpected challenge few of us realize  or are aware of.    An ostomy refers to a surgically created opening in the body to discharge waste -  certainly not the  easiest condition to talk about much less live with.  But the members of Team Ostomy United are dealing with the delicate nature of their physical challenge while tackling triathlon. 

Team Ostomy United was envisioned and created by Ted Vosk, half-marathoner, trial attorney,  and ostomate.  Read Ted's Story below.  The Team will participate in the Lake Meridian Triathlon on Sunday,  August 23.   To date, over a dozen people have committed to the team, with a  goal of recruiting at least a dozen more. Participation is open to all, with at least half of the  team consisting of people who have had ostomy or continent diversion surgery.

To raise awareness of the condition and funding for education, many team members are fundraising as part of their race experience.   They will create awareness and support two worthy 501(c)(3) organizations: The United Ostomy Associations of America and Youth Rally

Surviving and Thriving - Ted Vosk


A few years ago severe Crohn’s disease caused my small intestine to begin scarring up and blocking food from passing through me. Unable to eat, I lost over 60 pounds, becoming so weak and frail that my doctor told me that I would need surgery and an ileostomy or I would likely die. I told him that I would rather die than have an ileostomy. My wife vetoed that decision and I ended up getting surgery the summer of 2012. 

After a month in the hospital with repeated complications, I returned home looking like a concentration camp survivor. I was so weak that my legs trembled when I stood and I could barely walk 50 yards down the sidewalk in front of my home. Things seemed so bleak that I cried myself to sleep every night feeling hopeless, scared and wishing that I had simply died on the operating table.

 My wife stood by me, however, and helped me to fight my way back. She shared with me stories of others who had been forced to get ostomies but yet refused to quit on life. Their rise to greater heights than I thought possible was the inspiration I needed. So I used the strength I had and walked the 50 yards down the sidewalk in from of my house with the goal that I would one day again be able to run. And within 6 months I was able to fully run two half-marathons on back to back weekends to help raise money and awareness for those with Crohn’s and Colitis. 

Today, a little over 2 years following my surgery, I run 7 miles every morning, try cases in courts around the State of Washington and speak internationally on matters of science and law…and few who meet me even realize that I have an ileostomy. While I don’t “love” my ostomy, as I’ve heard some other comment, it doesn’t stop me from doing anything that I want to and I hardly notice it anymore. There are many struggling with, or facing the prospect of getting, an ostomy who feel the same way I did: stigmatized, less than human, helpless and, frankly, look to the future with a sense of hopelessness. But there are also many of us who have fought through the darkness and learned that the only limits on us are the ones that we place on ourselves. 

There is nothing that anyone else can achieve that our ostomies can stop us from achieving. Most of us had help traversing the night, either from family, friends or, in many cases, a favorite ostomy nurse. And as others helped us to reclaim our lives, we want to empower those who follow behind us to do the same…to rise above the fear, pain and loneliness…and soar. 

When Laurie & Kris Paschal’s son Sam, now 12, was diagnosed with Duchenne just before his 3rd birthday, it changed their lives in unimaginable ways. “We were happily planning a 'normal' future for all of our children. All that went out the window with Sam's diagnosis. We didn't know how much of a future Sam would have. Now planning went into finding the best care for him.”

When Sam was 8½ years old, the Paschals uprooted themselves from Texas and moved to England so Sam could participate in a clinical trial that was not available in the US. They stayed there for 17 before moving back to the US to continue with the same trial near Seattle. “Moving has been difficult on all of us, including our other children. Going to new schools and making new friends can be scary for a teenage girl and two young boys. Plus there is the stress of needing to find and set up new doctors and work with new schools on Sam’s needs.”

“A rare disease is difficult and expensive,” says Laurie. “It’s exhausting both physically and mentally, and the daily care, worry and expense weighs heavily on all of us. But we try to get out and do things as much as possible – to be a normal family like everyone else.”

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is helping boys like Sam and their families to gain access to treatments and connecting them to resources to ease some of the burdens of living with Duchenne. “PPMD was the first organization I found that offered real, personal help. I found a whole community of parents, grandparents, friends, physicians, and therapists that knew exactly what we were facing, what our day-to-day lives entailed. Sam's care and our lives are far better than they could have been without the assistance and knowledge we've found through PPMD.”

The lake Meridian Triathlon  is happy to help Sam , his family, and a host of other families and their sons who are faced with the challenge and fight of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  We are encouraging our athletes to donate during online registration .  The race will be donating a portion of all entries to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

Athletes - please consider making a donation when you REGISTER HERE 
For a fourth year, Northwest Tri & Bike & Cannondale are awarding a 2015 Cannondale Road bike to one lucky participant at both the June and August Lake Meridian Triathlons.  

This year it will be a  2015 Cannondale CAAD 10 105 with a retail value of $1680. 

The bike will be given away at the end of the awards celebration and prize giveaway.  In 2014, the giveaways at  the each race were valued at $7500 .

"We love being able to make  great prizes available to the athletes on race day,"  explains Patty Swedberg, Race Director of Raise the Bar's Events. "Our Sponsors have shown such incredible generosity to the athletes over the  history of this event.  The prizes help create an energy and anticipation that celebrates the months of hard work the athletes have put in to have a  successful finish. "

Athletes  pass the time between their finish and the celebration feasting on a hot pancake breakfast served near the finish line - which has an energy all its own thanks largely to the  song stylings and disturbingly creative commentary of race announcer, Brian Hope.

You can expect other prize giveaways from Garmin, Shimano, Profile-Design, and a long list of local sponsors.  Check the website for updates.

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