Raise the Bar Events is excited to announce that they are partnering with Athletepath. Athletepath is both a registration  and social platform. It allows athletes to register for events and connect with their friends and family before, during and after events. 

Athletes will see changes in how the events are priced on the Athletepath registration site. Instead of being hit with the tax and fees at the end of the registration process, Athletepath wraps all of those things into the listed fee. They call this policy the "True Price Policy". This policy states "
We don't feel that "convenience charges" are in any way convenient. At Athletepath, the price you see is the price you pay." This will be a change for athletes registering for Raise the Bar Events but in the end, the pricing is comparable to past pricing but without any hidden registration fees.

Some of the benefits to our athletes:

* With Athletepath, results come to you. Receive free text and email notifications the instant they become available. You’ll never waste another afternoon searching the web, waiting for results.

* Follow all of your racing friends, family and teammates to receive their results on race day, too. Be alerted when they register for events, wish them luck and get inspired to race.

* Keep track of every race, each stat and all of your personal records, all in one place.

* Share signups, results and stats via Facebook, Twitter and email.

To find out more about Athletepath check out these recent articles:



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