PictureDisco lady...she's ready
A change has been made to the run course for the first Lake Meridian Triathlon on 6/22.
There will now be a bit of trail running as the participants exit the park on 152nd way. It will join up with the Soos Creek trail shortly after the trailhead.  Because runners will return on the traditional route, we anticipate this will alleviate quite a bit of congestion at the beginning and end of the course.

Another change is at the 256th St. crossing of the Soos Creek Trail. Participants will now turn right onto 256th St and run along the shoulder, turning right again on 152nd Ave SE to a turnaround point and doubling back on the same route.  As participants near the south end of the trail, they'll run to the trailhead, through the parking lot, pass the Disco lady, and turn left on 148th Ave SE.   Keeping runners from crossing 256th Street will have a much lower impact on the vehicular traffic that needs to travel east/west. 

Find a link to the Run course HERE.

Find a map below.  Forward any course questions to Patty or Toby.



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