In an effort to keep our athletes, volunteers, and police officers safe and traffic flowing as easily and conflict-free as possible we've made a few changes to the Sprint & Super Sprint bike and run courses for the August race.

Please note - the Olympic bike and run courses will remain unchanged.

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Sprint & Super Sprint Bike Course

The Lake Holm/Lake Moneysmith loop is gone for the Sprinters and Super Sprinters.  (What?  No more steep sketchy hill? Nope.) Instead, they will do an out-and-back on Kent Black Diamond Road.  Total Mileage:  16.8.  This course is a little longer...but the steep rolling hills of Lake Holm are no more.  Instead, you'll climb very gradually out to Lake Sawyer Rd where you'll do a U-turn and FLY back to transition.  This change eliminates the left turn from Lake Holm Road back to Auburn Black Diamond - which was proving too dangerous to manage with the high speed traffic coming through there.

Find a map and description here

The Olympic Bike course remains unchanged

Sprint & Super Sprint Run Course

The run course for August will be the same that it was for our June Race.  Instead of crossing SE 256th St. on the Soos Creek Trail, athletes will turn right, and right again to a turn-around on 152nd Ave. SE.  Less crossing of SE 256th means less impact on the community and in a domino effect, this has a big impact on traffic congestion on Kent-Kangley as well. Everybody wins.

Olympic runners will still remain on the Soos Creek Trail for their out-and-back route.

There are a few more details on the "Course" page of the Lake Meridian Tri website along with full descriptions of the swim/bike/run courses of the Olympic distance race as well. 
If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to email Patty.

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