Why $20 off?  So you'll sign up!

The Lake Meridian Tri presented by Outpatient PT is rumored to be the best triathlon in the Pacific Northwest.  Heck, it was voted one of the Top 5 Small Races in the Nation by Tri-America last year.  

Why the discount? We want to fill it...plain and simple.  Sign up tomorrow with the code FILLITFRIDAY and let's see if we can fill up this race.  A full race means happy, generous sponsors that give great prizes and giveaways. It also means ENERGY...great rabid gobs of energy.  Can't beat racing in those conditions.

Why is there a limit on registration?   We don't want to bust the seams of the park, or the bike course (which is open to traffic).  Too many bikes on the road means it's harder for the cyclists and the vehicles to safely get past each other - so we'll keep our race entries to a safe level.

See you on Active tomorrow!    Use the code   FILLITFRIDAY




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