When Laurie & Kris Paschal’s son Sam, now 12, was diagnosed with Duchenne just before his 3rd birthday, it changed their lives in unimaginable ways. “We were happily planning a 'normal' future for all of our children. All that went out the window with Sam's diagnosis. We didn't know how much of a future Sam would have. Now planning went into finding the best care for him.”

When Sam was 8½ years old, the Paschals uprooted themselves from Texas and moved to England so Sam could participate in a clinical trial that was not available in the US. They stayed there for 17 before moving back to the US to continue with the same trial near Seattle. “Moving has been difficult on all of us, including our other children. Going to new schools and making new friends can be scary for a teenage girl and two young boys. Plus there is the stress of needing to find and set up new doctors and work with new schools on Sam’s needs.”

“A rare disease is difficult and expensive,” says Laurie. “It’s exhausting both physically and mentally, and the daily care, worry and expense weighs heavily on all of us. But we try to get out and do things as much as possible – to be a normal family like everyone else.”

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy is helping boys like Sam and their families to gain access to treatments and connecting them to resources to ease some of the burdens of living with Duchenne. “PPMD was the first organization I found that offered real, personal help. I found a whole community of parents, grandparents, friends, physicians, and therapists that knew exactly what we were facing, what our day-to-day lives entailed. Sam's care and our lives are far better than they could have been without the assistance and knowledge we've found through PPMD.”

The lake Meridian Triathlon  is happy to help Sam , his family, and a host of other families and their sons who are faced with the challenge and fight of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  We are encouraging our athletes to donate during online registration .  The race will be donating a portion of all entries to Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy.

Athletes - please consider making a donation when you REGISTER HERE 


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