Well, you are a bunch of triathletes, so it didn't come as a surprise that the bike given away on August 12th will be a Cannondale Road Bike!   

In our survey asking athletes what you'd prefer to win on race day, 65% of you voted for the road bike, so road bike it shall be.  It is interesting to us, however, that 35% of you can see beyond skinny tires and aero profiles and entertain the idea of getting out onto rougher terrain. Good for you!           Maybe...just maybe....there's a way to work a mountain bike into the mix someday.

We're noticing that you and your friends are  registering for this 11th running of the Lake Meridian Triathlon and we're excited to see you in a few months.    
Don't forget to check out RTB's newest event - the Eastside Triathlon on July 9th. It will have the same RTB Event feel in another beautiful, triathlon- and family-friendly venue. 
The Black Diamond Triathlon will round out our Tris this year.

Happy Training!

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