The Lake Meridian Tri is proud to partner with the largest, most comprehensive nonprofit organization in the United States focused on ending Duchenne muscular dystrophy-Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).

Duchenne is a fatal genetic disorder that slowly robs young men of their muscle strength.    As the athletes prepare for the triathlons, they'll have the opportunity to support PPMD's efforts to help those with Duchenne live stronger, longer lives by making donations at the time of registration or collecting donations through personal fundraising pages.   

The Lake Meridian Tri will also be donating a portion of all race entries to PPMD.    

To learn more about PPMD's powerful & inspiring athletic community of supporters, RUN FOR OUR SONS, Click Here

To create your own fundraising page, Click Here

Sure it's hard to beat the orange snow fencing and laminated numbers, but upon closer inspection, It's the Medical Tent.   It took a few years to come up with this concept, but we've done it now for our  last 3 races and it's a GREAT change from the typical  detached First Aid Station.

Why did we  put the aid tent in transition?  More than a few times at our races we've seen athletes in medical after their finish with an issue that was minor when it began and not-as-minor at the finish.  If we had been able to offer a bandage, help retrieve an inhaler, apply a sling, or remove a little embedded gravel earlier in the race, it would have made for a better, safer, or more comfortable finish line experience.  

As athletes  enter the transition area from the swim, you'll easily see the medical tent on the left with a big red + on the side of it.   Most often you'll find Val Newell  or Michelle Murphy inside (see right) .    They keep an  eye on you as you come and go anyhow and can quickly address  any minor issues while you're still competing in the race.  They might approach you and ask if you need some help - or you could seek them out, of course.    They'll quickly assess and discuss what your options are and work with you to get you across the finish line.

All the staff and  volunteers  at Raise the Bar   keep your finish line experience as the  big priority on race day.  Our Medical staff and location is a powerful tool to that end.   Val and Michelle are experienced athletes - just like many of you - and they know how important finishing is. They'll be making sure you get across the line safely and in one piece. (or a few pieces professionally patched together if necessary).  And  while we hope you don't have the occasion to warrant their expertise on race day, please remember they're close by...and they're watching you.
Val Newell
Fellow triathlete with over 20 years of emergency and trauma nursing experience. Has worked as a trauma, burn trauma and pediatric trauma ICU nurse at Harborview Medical Center since 1988. ACLS , ENPC, and ATCN certified. 
Family board certified ARNP sub specialty in sports medicine and preventive cardiology.  She was as an orthopedic trauma nurse in a previous life and currently runs an independent family medicine practice with focus on prevention and wellness. 
Find Michelle at 
Murphy Health & Wellness
253 200 2144
According to the voting readers of Competitor magazine, the Lake Meridian Triathlon won Best Triathlon in the Pacific Northwest in 2014.  

The secret to a great race is people....the athletes, the volunteers, the staff.. We are very fortunate at RTB to be surrounded by great people who love a challenge.  Thanks to all of you!   We'll be working hard to be worthy of this title in 2015 

Between the fall indoor spins and rainy runs , next summer's triathletes are perusing the 2015 triathlon race calendars and formulating their diabolical season plans.   Many of you are looking to get faster and set PR's...and wanting proof of that progress next year.

If this applies to you, fine forward-thinking triathlete,  we'd like to bring your attention to the  fact that for the first time there are two identical Lake Meridian triathlons next year on June 21 and August 23.  Sprint, Super Sprint, and Olympic distances on both weekends.  And at risk of making this sound like a pitch to have you enter our race twice....we suggest you enter our race twice.   

This bookend racing phenomenon isn't unprecedented in Western Washington triathlon history.  Some of you remember the Cascade Edge/Black Diamond combo in Enumclaw.    How about the June/August combos at Lake Sammamish? Or the Triple Threat Triathlon series June/July/August?  GREAT races all of them.   It appears that the Lake Meridian Triathlon bookends might be the only combo on the PNW season calendar next year that will let you deliver the same one-two punch and test your progress.  We hope you'll come!

The Lake Meridian Tri dates are June 21 & August 23, and registration is up and running.   

The dates of the 2015 Lake Meridian Triathlons will be Sunday, June 21 and Sunday, August 23rd.  These weekends are unchanged from the 2014 races. and registration is open.

Other things not changing for the Lake Meridian Triathlons are 
  • Thousands of dollars in prizes given away during the Awards celebration thanks to our sponsors
  • Beer glasses awarded  5-deep for our age groupers (5-year increments for Sprint & Olympic, 10-year increments for the Super Sprint)
  • A hot breakfast, Medals & Technical T-shirts for all finishers
  • A unpredictably extroverted Race Announcer imported from Walla Walla
  • An army of over 140 volunteers; some of which are overly demonstrative &  highly enthusiastic....all of which are well-trained and committed to getting you safely to the finish (via the shortest distance).

What's changing in 2015 is that the Olympic distance will be added to the race in June making the races identical in their distances and courses.  You can see the courses HERE.

Registration is now open for the 2015 races.  Click the links below to register.   To keep the  courses as safe as possible, registration will be limited to 600  entries at each of the events  (individuals and relays each count as 1 entry). This decision was made with the helpful feedback of the City of Kent Police, our staff,  and our course directors who over the years have learned what the swim, bike, and run courses can handle.  

The LMT is produced by Raise the Bar - who have done so since 2010.  Raise the Bar also produces the Friday Night Swim Races, Trains & Coaches a team of 200+ athletes at every level , and helps produce and time other events in the Pacific Northwest.  Visit us at www.weraisethebar.com
Why $20 off?  So you'll sign up!

The Lake Meridian Tri presented by Outpatient PT is rumored to be the best triathlon in the Pacific Northwest.  Heck, it was voted one of the Top 5 Small Races in the Nation by Tri-America last year.  

Why the discount? We want to fill it...plain and simple.  Sign up tomorrow with the code FILLITFRIDAY and let's see if we can fill up this race.  A full race means happy, generous sponsors that give great prizes and giveaways. It also means ENERGY...great rabid gobs of energy.  Can't beat racing in those conditions.

Why is there a limit on registration?   We don't want to bust the seams of the park, or the bike course (which is open to traffic).  Too many bikes on the road means it's harder for the cyclists and the vehicles to safely get past each other - so we'll keep our race entries to a safe level.

See you on Active tomorrow!    Use the code   FILLITFRIDAY


The 5 Top Age Group finishers at each of the Lake Meridian distances will stand on the podium and receive a pint glass at this year's race.  Typically, awards are given to the top 3 in each age group, but the folks at Raise the Bar figured why not celebrate and award 5 deep.

Tell your family & friends to hand around the finish line on race day - they'll be able to score some fun prizes too - noisemakers, beer cozies, t-shirts...etc. 
The typical array of prizes will be given away at the race again this year during the awards celebration and pancake breakfast.  All athletes  present will have a chance to win:
  • Cannondale Road Bike valued at $1500 from Northwest Tri & Bike
  • Profile Design Armada 30 wheelset valued at $500
  • Profile Design Aerobars - 3 sets valued at $139 each
  • Massage Certificates from Outpatient Physical Therapy
  • Zoot Transition Bags, Hats, and Visors
  • Garmim Duffel Bags & T-shirts
  • Golden Steer Restaurant Gift Certificate
  • Boxes of Powerbar Products
  • And More..
The  generous staff at Cycle Science Training in Tukwila will be providing prizes to the overall winners of the men's and women's Sprint & Olympic race this year.  

In the Sprint & Olympic races, each winner will receive a testing package that includes the following:
 V02 Max, Gas analysis, Onset of Blood Lactate, Maximum Cadence Test, Bifurcated Body Composition Assessment, Critical Power Testing, Personal one-on-one interview with the athlete (and their coach if applicable) to discuss the test results and suggested training. 

BA, MA, Ph.D. (abd), was for two decades the Chair of the Health Science, Wellness and Physical Education Department of Pierce College. Prior to moving into the private sector to work with cyclist, triathletes and runners, Steve developed and was the program coordinator for the Diagnostic Health and Fitness Technician Program at Pierce College and oversaw the Exercise Physiology Lab at Pierce College. Along with presenting research at the local, state, regional, national and international levels,  and publishing repeatedly in scientific journals, he has also participated in television, and radio appearances addressing health and exercise performance issues. Steve is currently the co-owner and co-founder of CycleScienceTraining.

1ST - Testint Package from Cycle Science Training
2ND - blueseventy Transition Bag
3RD - Tifosi Sunglasses
1ST - blueseventy Transition Bag
2ND - Tifosi Sunglasses
3RD - Zoot transition Bag
Saturday, August 16
8:00AM ready to roll!
Meet behind the shop

Northwest Tri & Bike
15423 SE 272nd St. Suite 106.1
Kent, WA 98042

If you're getting ready for, or considering registering for the Lake Meridian Triathlon presented by Outpatient PT, join the NWTB crew at 8AM for a ride of the Super Sprint/Sprint or Olympic bike courses.

You can find information about the courses HERE

The Saturday morning ride from NWTB is attended by friendly, bike enthusiasts like yourself who are looking for folks to ride with at their own pace.  That being said - everyone seems to have a different pace!! The group starts together and sorts out into smaller groups of similar speeds.  Please be prepared to make some new friends and know your way back to the shop if your riding group turns out to be small! 
A Cannondale Bike will again be the grand prize for one lucky participant of the August 24th Lake Meridian Triathlon presented by Outpatient Physical Therapy.  For a third year, Northwest Tri & Bike, Raise the Bar, and Cannondale are excited to see an athlete go home with a brand new bike - this time a Road Bike.  All participating athletes are eligible to win, but you must be present at the end of the awards celebration to collect your new bike.

The Cannondale Road Bike will be the final prize in a number of great prizes given away at the popular race-end raffle.  In 2013, More than $3000 worth of prizes went home with athletes including gear from Cannondale, Zoot, Profile-Design, Northwest Tri & Bike, Tifosi, Garmin, blueseventy, Outpatient Physical Therapy, and Road ID.  Athletes can expect the same or more next month.

The Lake Meridian Tri was voted the best triathlon in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 & 2012 and was a top-5 finalist in Tri-America's "Best Small Race" category, a contest that was held nationwide.    This is a race that leaves nothing out - no corner un-supervised, no pancake un-flipped, and no athlete un-inspired to sign up for the next year. A large percentage of our athletes come back year after year and we're proud to have them.

Register Now!  The race has sold out in the past and we're working hard to make that happen!

Fine Print:  A $1500 retail-value allowance will be extended to the winner of the bike to be used exclusively at Cannondale Dealer and race sponsor, Northwest Tri & Bike.  The allowance may be used on any road bike in the shop or a special order as agreed upon between the winner and NWTB staff. If the retail value plus sales tax is below $1500, there will not be a balance paid in cash, but you may purchase other items with the remaining allowance.  If the retail value of the bike you choose with sales tax included is over $1500, you will be responsible to pay the balance.

Don't forget the beer glasses for the podium finishers
2012 Winner Jennifer Schneider
2013 Winner Meghan Rizzo
In an effort to keep our athletes, volunteers, and police officers safe and traffic flowing as easily and conflict-free as possible we've made a few changes to the Sprint & Super Sprint bike and run courses for the August race.

Please note - the Olympic bike and run courses will remain unchanged.

Hester Law Group
Sprint & Super Sprint Bike Course

The Lake Holm/Lake Moneysmith loop is gone for the Sprinters and Super Sprinters.  (What?  No more steep sketchy hill? Nope.) Instead, they will do an out-and-back on Kent Black Diamond Road.  Total Mileage:  16.8.  This course is a little longer...but the steep rolling hills of Lake Holm are no more.  Instead, you'll climb very gradually out to Lake Sawyer Rd where you'll do a U-turn and FLY back to transition.  This change eliminates the left turn from Lake Holm Road back to Auburn Black Diamond - which was proving too dangerous to manage with the high speed traffic coming through there.

Find a map and description here

The Olympic Bike course remains unchanged

Sprint & Super Sprint Run Course

The run course for August will be the same that it was for our June Race.  Instead of crossing SE 256th St. on the Soos Creek Trail, athletes will turn right, and right again to a turn-around on 152nd Ave. SE.  Less crossing of SE 256th means less impact on the community and in a domino effect, this has a big impact on traffic congestion on Kent-Kangley as well. Everybody wins.

Olympic runners will still remain on the Soos Creek Trail for their out-and-back route.

There are a few more details on the "Course" page of the Lake Meridian Tri website along with full descriptions of the swim/bike/run courses of the Olympic distance race as well. 
If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to email Patty.

Now register already!